[Kotobarabia] アラビア語電子書籍(EB-KAEL)、アラビアの伝統的聖典(EB-KAMAR)

[Kotobarabia] Arabic E-library (EB-KAEL) / [Kotobarabia] Modern Arab Renaissance Collection (EB-KAMAR)

Kotobarabia, an eContent creator and distributor specializing in the Arabic language, is the electronic solution to increasing and diversifying any institution’s offerings from the Middle East.

Kotobarabia’s Modern Arab Renaissance Collection is an exclusive electronic archive of books published from 1820- 1914 from across the Islamic world, with special focus on Egypt and Syria. Hosted on servers in Minneapolis, the Modern Arab Renaissance Collection a pioneer resource, making approximately 3,000 published works in Arabic available as e-books for the first time.
Covering the sciences and humanities, including philosophy and theology, literature, arts, history and politics, the Modern Arab Renaissance Collection includes writings from Mahmoud Abdo, Gamal El Din El Afgahany and Rashid Reda. From contemporary novels to national heritage scientific treatises, this is an Arabic only database.
Arranged thematically and with accompanying MARC records, Kotobarabia puts an electronically searchable library of contemporary and classic writing at your fingertips.
Content is mostly in Arabic, with metadata in both Arabic and transliteration. The search interface is in English and will include a virtual Arabic keyboard for easy text input.
Intended for academic and public libraries, faculty and students, Kotobarabia is a valuable tool for librarians and researchers with an interest in the Arabic language

  • オンラインデータベース
  • インターフェース言語:英語・ロシア語・ドイツ語・中文 (简体)
  • コンテンツ言語:アラビア語
  • プラットフォーム:Universal Database Platform(UDB)
  • アップデート:随時
  • 掲載:1820年〜
  • 閲覧形態:イメージ、テキスト
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